Previous Winners: 1988 - Present

Winners are listed by calendar year in which the award was presented. They are judged on work done in the previous calendar year.

Past Laureate Award Winners


Year Recipient
2014 US Navy/Northrop Grumman X-47B team - Naval Air Systems Command (Patuxent River, MD) and Northrop Grumman (San Diego, CA)
2013 Speed Agile-Powered Lift System Concept demonstration team
2012 The Boeing 787 Dreamliner Team, for combining advanced aerodynamics, new composite materials, and more-electric systems to bring the first new commercial jet of the century to market
2011 The X-51A Waverider Hypersonic Vehicle Team (X-51A Program Managers Charles F. Brink, US Air Force Research Laboratory's Propulsion Directorate, Wright Patterson Air Force Base; George Thum, Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne; and Joseph Vogel, Boeing Phantom Works)
2010 Jeff Braun, director of the U.S. Air Force Alternative Fuels Certification Office
2009 Pratt & Whitney PW1000G geared turbofan development team
2008 Robert Cowart, Project Engineer, Gulfstream Aerospace
Donald Howe, Staff Scientist, Technical Fellow, Gulfstream Aerospace
Leslie Molzahn, Flight Test Operations Engineer, NASA Dryden Research Center
Frank Simmons III, PhD, P.E., Gulfstream Aerospace
James Smolka, Research Test Pilot, NASA Dryden Research Center
2007 Mark Lewis, Chief Scientist, US Air Force
2006 Robert Lafontan, SVP for Engineering; Fernando Alonso, VP for Flight Test; Jaques Rosay, Chief Test Pilot and the entire A380 engineering and flight test team, Airbus
2005 Vincent Rausch, Program Manager and Randall Voland, Engine Developer, at NASA's Langley Research Center, and Anthony Castrogiovanni, President, ATK GASL and the X-43 Hyper-X Scramjet
2004 Ken Hyde, Scott Crossfield, Kevin Kochersberger and Terry Queijo and other members of the Wright Experience
Noel Forgeard, Chief Executive, and the Men and Women of Airbus
2003 Kent Kresa, President & CEO, Northrop Grumman
Jean-Francois Bigay, Chairman & CEO, Eurocopter
2002 Robert F. Faulkner
Joaquin H. Castro
Curtis W. Berger
Robert Mercier
Fabrice Bregier
Alan Garwood
Mario di Donato
2001 Mauricio Botelho
Boris Katorgin
Vladimir Chvanov
Lawrence Tanner
Robert Ford
John Karas
2000 Moshe Keret
1999 Serge Dassault
1998 Jean Pierson
1997 Phil Condit
Alan Mulally
Ronald Ostrowski
Dale Hougardy
1996 Ray Morgan
Bob Curtin
1995 Charles H. Kaman
1994 Laurent Beaudoin
1993 Daniel M. Tellep
1992 Bernard Ziegler
Pierre Baud
Jacques Troyes
1991 Lt Col Felix Sanchez
1990 Jean-Luc Lagadere
Jean-Luis Gergorin
Philippe Camus
Ben Rich
1989 Thomas V. Jones

Avionics & Systems

Year Recipient
2014 RTCA Special Committee 213 (Washington, DC)

Business/General Aviation

Year Recipient
2022 4AIR for Business Aviation Sustainability
RedTail Flight Academy — GRAND LAUREATE WINNER
Signature Flight Support SAF Utilization
Textron Aviation Cessna 408 SkyCourier
VRM Switzerland
2021 Aerobility
International Aircraft Dealers Association
Pfizer Corporate Flight Department
Pipistrel Velis Electro
2020 Safety: Garmin Autoland
2019 Platform: Bombardier Global 7500
2018 Pilatus PC-24 Versatile Jet
2017 Wheels Up
2016 Scott Ernest, Textron Aviation and Scott Donnelly, Textron
2015 Nextant Aerospace, for bringing technology to business aviation at less cost by remanufacturing aircraft
2014 Bradley Mottier (Cincinnati, OH)
2013 Walter Fricke, AirBoss, Veterans Airlift Command
2012 Preston Henne, SVP Programs, Engineering & Test, Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, for his role in designing, developing, and testing the Gulfstream 650 on-schedule, despite setbacks
2011 Randall Greene, Chairman, President & CEO, Safe Flight Instrument Corporation
2010 Clayton Jones, Chairman, President & CEO, Rockwell Collins
2009 General Dynamics and Gulfstream Aerospace
2008 Jack Pelton, Chairman, CEO & President, Cessna Aircraft Company
2007 Robert Agostino, Director of Flight Operations, Bombardier Business Aircraft
2006 John Rosanvallon, President & CEO, Dassault Falcon Jet Corporation
Olivier Villa, Senior Vice President, Dassault Falcon Jet Corporation
2005 Ballistic Recovery Systems

Civil/Commercial Aviation

Year Recipient
2022 Airbus Fello’fly — GRAND LAUREATE WINNER
Air France-KLM for Sustainability Efforts
Spirit AeroSystems
Steve Dickson for Leadership
Transport & Environment
2021 Michael Schoellhorn, Airbus
Boeing 737 MAX Joint Authorities Technical Review
Boeing Sustainable Aviation Fuel Initiative 
GE Aviation Junior Officer Leadership Program
2020 Platform: Airbus A321LR
2019 Platform: Embraer E-Jet E2
2018 Tom Gentile, President & CEO, Spirit AeroSystems
2017 Bombardier
2016 John Crichton, NAV Canada
2015 Airbus A350 program head Didier Evrard
2014 Willie Walsh (London, Hounslow, UK)
2013 Richard Anderson, Chairman & CEO, Delta Air Lines
2012 John Borghetti, CEO, Virgin Australia, for leading one of the airline industry's most dramatic transformations and cementing Virgin Australia as a major international player
2011 Jim French, Chairman & CEO, Flybe
2010 Wolfgang Mayrhuber, CEO, Lufthansa
2009 Tony Fernandes
2008 John Byerly, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Transportation Affairs
Daniel Calleja, Director, Air Transport Directorate, European Commission
2007 Captain G.R. Gopinath, (Ret), Managing Director, Air Deccan
2006 Jean-Cyril Spinetta, Chairman & CEO, Air France/KLM
Leo M. van Wijk, Vice Chairman, Air France/KLM
2005 David Neeleman, CEO, jetBlue Airways
2004 Joe Leonard, Chairman & CEO, Air Tran Airways
2003 Cheong Chong Kong, Vice Chairman/CEO, Singapore Airlines
Michael O'Leary, CEO, Ryanair
2002 Donald J. Carty, Robert Baker, and the Men and Women of American Airlines
2001 John H. Dasburg and the Men and Women of Northwest Airlines
2000 Sir Richard Branson
1999 James Strong
Peter Sutch
1998 Richard T. Santulli
1997 Gordon Bethune
Christian Blanc
1996 Nikolai Feodorovich Zobov
1995 Herman De Croo
1994 Alexander P. Pleshakov
Grigory A. Gurtovoy
1993 Herbert D. Kelleher
1992 Ronald W. Allen
1991 Frederick W. Smith
1990 Lord King
Sir Colin Marshall
1989 Robert L. Crandall


Year Recipient
2022 Autonomous Black Hawk, DARPA and Sikorsky — GRAND LAUREATE WINNER
Afghan Airlift, Air Mobility Command
Vanilla Unmanned, Platform Aerospace
Korea Aerospace Industries KF-21
Derek Tournear, Director of the Space Development Agency
2021 Boeing Airpower Teaming System
GE Aviation XA100
U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory Golden Horde
U.S. Space Force Establishment
2020 Best New Product: Embraer C-390
2019 Operations: Royal Netherlands Air Force/Multinational Multi-Role Tanker Transport Fleet
2018 U.S. Missile Defense Agency/Boeing Ground-based Midcourse Defense System
2017 DARPA, Naval Air Systems Command and Lockheed Martin
2016 Lockheed Martin and the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory
2015 Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) return-to-flight team
2014 French Defense Armaments Agency DGA/Dassault Aviation Neuron (Saint-Cloud, France)
2013 K-Max Cargo Unmanned Aircraft Systems Team
2012 The Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) Satellite Recovery Team, for rescuing the US Air Force's $2-billion AEHF satellite after its main propulsion subsystem failed
2011 USAF Maj Gen (Ret) Michael C. Kostelnik, Assistant Commissioner, Office of Air and Marine, US Customs and Border Protection
2010 The US Air Force's Project Liberty Team (Kim High, Deputy Director, USAF Big Safari Program; Lt Gen David Deptula, Deputy Chief of Staff for ISR for the Air Force; Robert Spivey, VP Special Programs, L-3 Communications; and Matthew Hallman, Director of Field Operations, L-3 Communications)
2009 VUIT-2 Project
2008 Capt Randy Mahr, E-2D Program Manager
2007 RADM Giuseppe De Giorgi, Commander, Italian Maritime Forces
2006 US Air Force and Georgia Air National Guard's 16th Airborne Command and Control Squadron
2005 US Army Vice Chief of Staff General Richard Cody and US Air Force Gen John Handy, Chief of Air Mobility Command & US Transportation Command
2004 Steve Griffin, Boeing
Kimberly Tran, Boeing
2003 VADM Arthur K. Cebrowski, US Navy (Ret), Director, Office of Force Transformation
2002 Carl O. Johnson
Coll Wayne Johnson
Gen Lester Lyles
2001 John J. Hamre
2000 Gen John Jumper
Lt Gen Michael Short
1999 VXE-6, Navy Antarctic Development Squadron
1998 Larry D. McClain
Robert G. Myers
1997 William Perry
1996 Mary Fackler Schiavo
1995 Alexander W. Riedy
1994 John B. Alexander
1993 Malcolm Rifkind
1992 Lt Gen Charles A. Horner
1991 Ambassador R. James Woolsey
1990 Marshal Sergei Fedorovich Akhromeyev
Hubert Curien
Paul H. Nitze
1989 Lord Carrington


Year Recipient
2015 GE Aviation head of additive manufacturing strategy Greg Morris
2013 The Newark Liberty International Airport Ground-Based Augmentation System Team
2012 Swedish Air Force Team Members and the Danish Military, for successfully and quickly integrating Link 16 on the Saab JAS-39 Gripen in support of NATO operations over Libya
2011 The Automatic Ground Collision Avoidance System Team (Program Managers Edward Griffin, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, and Donald Swihart, US Air Force Research Laboratory)
2010 Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems' Joint High-Power Solid-State Laser Phase 3 Team (Jay Marmo, Program Manager, and Stuart McNaught, Laser Integration Lead), as well as Mark Neice, Director of the High Energy Laser Joint Technology Office, Office of the Secretary of Defense, and Brian Strickland, Chief Scientist at the US Army Space and Missile Defense Command
2009 International Air Transport Association
2008 Paul Fontaine, Program Manager, Safe Flight 21, Federal Aviation Administration (1999-2005)
Capt Robert C. Hilb, Advanced Flight Systems Manager, UPS Airlines
Capt Karen D. Lee, Director of Flight Operations, UPS Airlines
2007 Lt Gen Walter E. Buchanan III, (Ret), USAF
2005 Andrew K. Barrows, CEO, Nav3D Corp
Steve Fulton, CTO, Naverus
Lars G.V. Lindberg, President, Avtech
John Marris, President, Marinvent Corp
2004 Brad Cornell, Airplane Systems Engineer, Boeing
Walter Dollman, Regulatory and Industry Affairs Manager, Qantas
Craig Roberts, Operations Specialist, Airservices Australia
Helene Serrand, Senior Navigation Engineer, Airbus
Mike Watson, Operations Support Manager, Thales
2003 William R. Boario, Air Force Research Laboratory (Retired)
William Brown, Chief Scientist, Sensors Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory
Jack Walker, Veridia ERIM International (Retired)
2001 Capt David A. Dunaway, USN
Lawrence Fullerton
Thomas A. Kennedy, Raytheon
Donald A. Thole, Boeing
2000 Capt Roger Arrowood
Lt Gen Thomas Keck
Lawrence Mitchell
Jim Onorato
1999 Eugene Joseph
1998 Francis Bernard
1997 Donald Bateman
1996 Olof Lundberg
1995 Brian O'Keeffe
1994 John R. Kreick
1993 Norman R. Augustine
1992 Paul J. Coco
Col Harry H. Heimple
Gerard J. McNiff
1991 Thomas L. Phillips
1990 Cdr George W. Hoover
1989 John H. Staehlin


Year Recipient
2017 Jaiwon Shin, NASA Associate Administrator for Aeronautics
2016 Aurora Flight Sciences
2015 Raytheon and Saab, for bringing gallium nitride (GaN) electronics to military radar and electronic-warfare systems


Year Recipient
2017 Lufthansa Technik
2013 Alan Butterfield, VP Maintenance & Engineering, Air Canada
2012 Patrick Doyle, Senior Manager, Hangar Maintenance (Avionics & Powerplants), FedEx, for his efforts to identify common causes of avionics failures
2011 Tim Sassenrath, Director, Apache Worldwide Support, Boeing
2010 Timothy Gray, Director of the 526th Electronic Maintenance Squadron, "Generators"


Year Recipient
2009 Operation Burnt Frost
2008 Officer Sarmad Aziz
Shuttle Lead Spacewalk Officer Dina Contella
Flight Director Derek Hassmann
Astronaut Scott E. Parazynski
2007 Team of AC-130 Gunship Operations (Lt Col Ted Fordyce, Commander, 16th Expeditionary Special Operations Squadron, US Air Force; Lt Col Robert Monroe, Commander, 4th Expeditionary Special Operations Squadron, US Air Force)
2006 The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Satellite and Information and Service
US Air Force Reserve's 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron
US Coast Guard Aviators
Gary Davis, Director Systems Development, NOAA
USAF Reserve Brig Gen Charles Ethredge
USCG Capt Mike Moore
Greg Withee
2005 Flight Lt A.P. Dhanake
Indian Air Force Wing Cdr S.K. Sharma
2004 MCpl Dave Cooper, 103 Rescue Squadron Canadian Forces
SAR TSgt Emilio Dechantal, 103 Rescue Squadron Canadian Forces
Cpl Scott Elliston, 103 Rescue Squadron Canadian Forces
First Officer Capt Andrew Mercer, 103 Rescue Squadron Canadian Forces
Maj Gilbert Thibault, 103 Rescue Squadron Canadian Forces
Flight Engineer, MCpl Rob Vidito, 103 Rescue Squadron Canadian Forces
2003 J. Stephen Fossett
2002 Hermis Moutardier
Cristina Jones
2001 Lt Dan Molthen
Lt (jg) Craig Neubecker
PO Darren Reeves
PO Lorne Green
2000 Lt Col Steve Laushine
1999 Australian Helimed Bell 412 Crew
HH-60J Jayhawk Crew, US Coast Guard
1998 Flight crews from US Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater and US Air Force Reserve 920th Rescue Group
1997 Lt Col Madan K.C.
1996 Brig Gen Martin Berndt
Lt Col Christopher J. Gunther
Capt Thomas O. Hanford
1995 Richard DeMary
1994 Flight Crews of a Royal Air Force Westland Sea King and Sikorsky S-61N
1993 Co-Pilot Ulf Cedermark
Capt Stefan Rasmussen
1992 Flying Doctors of Mercy
1991 Gen Hansford T. Johnson
1990 Second Officer Dudley Dvorak
Dennis Fitch
Capt Alfred C. Haynes
First Officer William Records
First Officer Madeline "Mimi" Tompkins
1989 Capt Robert Schornstheimer


Year Recipient
2022 James Webb Space Telescope, NASA-Northrop Grumman — GRAND LAUREATE WINNER
Russia-Ukraine War Imagery, Maxar Technologies
Peter Beck, Rocket Lab
Kerry Buckley, Mitre Corp.
2021 Dan Hart, President and CEO, Virgin Orbit
NASA/JPL Mars Ingenuity
Northrop Grumman Mission Extension Vehicle
SpaceX Crew Dragon Demo-2
2020 Technology & Innovation: RemoveDEBRIS Mission
2019 Launchers: Rocket Lab Electron
2018 SpaceX
2017 Blue Origin
2016 NASA's New Horizons Mission Team
2015 European Space Agency, Rosetta comet rendezvous mission
2014 Jean-Yves Le Gall (Paris, France)
2013 Curiosity Entry, Descent, and Landing Team
2012 Kepler Mission Team, for searching the Milky Way for Earth-like planets in the habitable zones of Sun-like stars, leading to the discovery of 1,235 exoplanet candidates—68 of which are similar to Earth
2011 The Radar Imaging Commercialization Team (Vark Helfritz, Managing Director, Infoterra GmbH; John Hornsby, President, MDA Geospatial Services Inc; and Marcello Maranesi, CEO, e-GEOS)
2010 International Space Station Program Managers Pierre Jean, Canadian Space Agency; Bernardo Patti, European Space Agency; Yoshiyuki Hasegawa, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency; Alexey Krasnov, Roscosmos; and Michael Suffredini, NASA
2009 Elon Musk
2008 Yoshisada Takizawa, Selene Project Manager, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
2007 Stardust Comet Sample Return Mission Team (Don Brownlee, Stardust Principal Investigator, Department of Astronomy, University of Washington; Tom Duxbury, Stardust Project Manager, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Peter Tsou, Stardust Deputy Project Investigator, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Joseph Vellinga, Stardust Program Manager, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co)
2006 The Cassini/Huygens Spacecraft Team (Dennis Matson, Project Scientist, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and Jean-Pierre Lebreton, Project Scientist and Mission Manager, ESA)
2005 The NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Cornell University, and Aerospace Industry Mars Exploration Rover Team
2004 Col Yang Liwei, People's Liberation Army Air Force
2003 Ronald D. Dittemore, NASA Space Shuttle Program Manager
William H. Gerstenmaier, NASA Program Manager, International Space Station
Russell D. Turner, President/Chief Executive Officer, United Space Alliance
Joe Mills, Boeing Program Manager, International Space Station
2002 Thomas Coughlin
Robert Farquhar
Bobby Williams
Joseph Veverka
NEAR Mission Team
2001 Michael Malin
Kenneth Edgett
2000 Goddard Space Flight Center, Hubble Space Telescope Operations Team
1999 Daniel Goldin
1998 Anthony J. Spear
Brian K. Muirhead
Rob Manning
Richard Cook
1997 Bary R. Bertiger
Kenneth M. Peterson
Raymond J. Leopold
1996 Alvin Seiff
John Casani
William O'Neil
1995 Col Pedro L. Rustan Jr.
Paul Regeon
1994 Hubble Space Telescope Service Team
1993 George Smoot
John Mather
1992 Shuttle Mission 39 Military Team
Shuttle Mission 40 Spacelab Life Sciences Team
1991 Kurt Heftman
David Wilkins
1990 Edward Stone
1989 RADM Richard H. Truly


Year Recipient
2017 BAE Systems and Gulfstream
2016 NASA's Environmentally Responsible Aviation Project


Year Recipient
2013 Marion Blakey, President & CEO, Aerospace Industries Association
Susan Lavrakas, Director, Workforce, Aerospace Industries Association
2012 Paul Graziani, Founder & CEO, Analytical Graphics Inc, for donating software licenses to educational institutions and encouraging students to pursue science, technology, engineering, and math
2011 Rick Stephens, SVP HR & Administration, Boeing
2010 Ronald Sugar, Chairman Emeritus of Northrop Grumman

Philip J. Klass Lifetime Achievement

Year Recipient
2022 Steven F. Udvar-Hazy
Marc Parent
2021 Marillyn Hewson, CEO, Lockheed Martin
2020 Robert Leduc, President, Pratt & Whitney
2019 Paul Allen
Tom Enders
2018 Dr. John S. Langford, Chairman and CEO, Aurora Flight Sciences
Bruce Whitman, Chairman, President and CEO, FlightSafety International
2017 Maj. Gen. Charles Frank Bolden, Jr., (USMC-Ret.)
John Tracy, Boeing
2016 Dr. Charles Elachi, Director, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
2015 David Thompson, Orbital
John Leahy, Airbus
2014 Laurent Beaudoin (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
Harold Rosen (Santa Monica, CA)
2013 C. Don Bateman, Chief Engineer, Corporate Fellow, Flight Safety Systems, Honeywell
2012 Pete Rustan, Former Director for Mission Support, US National Reconnaissance Office, for pioneering numerous technical advances in space and aviation
2011 Thomas J. Cassidy, Jr., retired president of the Aircraft Systems Group, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems
Abraham Karem, founder of Karem Aircraft Inc.
2010 Richard W. Taylor, Boeing Designer and Test Pilot
2009 The Honorable Alan S. Boyd
2008 Mauricio Botelho, Chairman, Embraer.
2007 Dr. Edward C. Stone, David Morrisroe Professor of Physics and Vice Provost for Special Projects, California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
2006 Patty Wagstaff, Acrobatic Flying Champion
2005 Assad Kotaite, President of the Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization
William R. (Bob) Laidlaw, former head of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots and Founder of Aerotest
2004 Keith Ferris, Aviation Artist
Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
2003 Fitzhugh Fulton, U.S. Air Force/NASA and Civilian Test Pilot
2002 Leonard Greene
Noel W. Hinners
2001 Jean-Luc Lagardere
2000 Edmund F. Ball
1999 Paul MacCready
1998 John W. Young
A. Scott Crossfield
1997 Capt. E. B. Jeppesen
1996 Richard H. Frost
1995 Albert L. Ueltschi

Special Achievement

Year Recipient
2003 Steven Udvar-Hazy, Jack Dailey, Don Lopez and the men and women of the Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum

Aviation Heroism

Year Recipient
2017 The Kenn Borek Air crews
2016 U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Gregory Swarz
2014 World Canadian Airforce Rescue 912 Crew (Comox, Canada)
2013 United States Coast Guard
2012 C-17 Globemaster III Aircrew Members of "Ice 68" from the 62nd and 446th Airlift Wings of the Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington, who performed a life-saving rescue of a government contractor from McMurdo Station, Antarctica
2011 Captain Daniel Aufdenblatten, Air Zermatt
Richard Lehner, Swiss Mountain Guide
2009 United States Coast Guard HH-60 Jayhawk, HH-65 Dolphin, HC-130 Hercules Rescue Teams
2008 The British Royal Navy Sea King Helicopter Crew (Lieutenant Commander Matt Shrimpton (RN), Royal Marine Captain Damien "Daisy" May, Lieutenant Tim Barker (RN), Petty Officer Aircrewman Julian "Bungi" Williams (RN), and Sergeant Mark White (RAF) )
2007 United States Coast Guard, LCDR Walter L. Horne, LCDR William R. Timmons, AMT3 Karl A. Schickle, and AST3 Jon E. Houlberg for a harrowing, life-saving HH-60J rescue, conducted on March 14th, 2006

Tomorrow's Leaders

Year Recipient
2022 Midshipman First Class Cade Trauger, United States Naval Academy
Cadet First Class Taylor Jin Young, United States Coast Guard Academy
Cadet Lieutenant Timothy Austin Bradley Widner, United States Military Academy
Cadet First Class Timothy Goulet, United States Air Force Academy
2021 MIDN LT Dan Curren, U.S. Naval Academy
3/c Cadet Alexander W. Regan, U.S. Coast Guard Academy
Cadet Captain Emma Sophia San Martin, U.S. Military Academy
C1C Benjamin Waters, U.S. Air Force Academy
2020 C/Capt. Matthew Richard Arnold, United States Military Academy
Cadet 1/c Jacob Patrick Cheeseman, United States Coast Guard Academy
MIDN 1/C Patrick N. Simons, United States Naval Academy
Cadet 1/C Albert Q. Thieu, United States Air Force Academy
2019 MIDN Aaron Martinez, United States Naval Academy
Cadet 1/C Ryan Olson, United States Air Force Academy
C/Capt. Bogue M. Waller, United States Military Academy
Cadet 2/C Austin Brown, United States Coast Guard Academy
2018 MIDN 1/C Chris Cantillo, United States Naval Academy
C1C Benjamin R. Hook, United States Air Force Academy
Cadet Lieutenant Kurt M. Klinkmueller, United States Military Academy
2/c Marshall Reyburn, United States Coast Guard Academy
2017 Michael Cremins, Cadet Lieutenant, United States Military Academy
David Creswell, 2/c Cadet, United States Coast Guard Academy
Ryan Speir, Midshipman First Class, United States Naval Academy
Young Yuyang Wu, Cadet Colonel, United States Air Force Academy

Quinn Kelley Hathcock, Cadet Second Class, United States Coast Guard Academy
Chase Binkley, Cadet Captain, United States Military Academy
Shane Kravetz, Midshipman, United States Naval Academy
Andrew David "Drew" Phillips, Cadet First Class, United States Air Force Academy

2015 Rebecca A. Esselstein, Cadet First Class, United States Air Force Academy
Andrew Nicholas Ford, Cadet Lieutenant, United States Military Academy
Jacquelyn Susanne Kubicko, Second Class Cadet, United States Coast Guard Academy
Samuel Lacinski, Midshipm an Lieutenant, United States Naval Academy
2014 Daniel John Eichner, Cadet Captain and Battalion Commander, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Regiment, United States Military Academy
Nicole Marie Garrett, Second Class Cadet, United States Coast Guard Academy
Christopher James Shannon, Cadet First Class, United States Air Force Academy
Christopher Kenneth Voss, Midshipman First Class, United States Naval Academy
2013 Zachary Howard Adams, Cadet First Class, United States Air Force Academy
Matthew George Gallup, Cadet Lieutenant, United States Military Academy
Erik William Oredson, Cadet First Class, United States Coast Guard Academy
Benjamin Lee Putbrese, Midshipman First Class, United States Naval Academy
2012 Tyler Dewechter, Cadet, United States Coast Guard Academy
Dustin Hayhurst, Cadet, United States Air Force Academy
Cameron Thornberry, Cadet, United States Naval Academy
Jack Scudder, Cadet, United States Military Academy at West Point
2011 Matthew Craig Belanger, Cadet, United States Military Academy at West Point
Nicholas Connor Dunn, Cadet, United States Naval Academy
Gregory Eslinger, Cadet, United States Air Force Academy
Jordan Kellam, Cadet, United States Coast Guard Academy
2010 Alex Reiter, Cadet, United States Military Academy
Taylor Richmond, Midshipman 1st Class, United States Naval Academy
Nicholas Carter, Cadet 1st Class, United States Air Force Academy
Matthew Delahunty, Cadet 1st Class, United States Coast Guard Academy
2009 Yujen Lien, Cadet Lt., United States Military Academy
Margarete Frost, Midshipman First Class, United States Naval Academy
Josiah VanderMey, Cadet Captain, United States Air Force Academy
Conor Sven Madison, Cadet 1st Class, United States Coast Guard Academy
2008 John Hesling, Midshipman First Class, United States Naval Academy
Joel Kurucar, First Class, United States Coast Guard Academy
Joseph Robinson, Cadet First Class, United States Air Force Academy
Christopher Westrom, Cadet, United States Military Academy
2007 Douglas Marsh, Midshipman First Class, United States Naval Academy
Jeffrey Michael Rigney, Cadet, United States Military Academy
Nathaniel L. Souleret, First Class, United States Coast Guard Academy
Christopher A. Taylor, Cadet First Class, United States Air Force Academy

Aviation High School Tomorrow's Leader Scholarship

Year Recipient
2007 Student Cristhian Godoy
2006 Student Sean Cosme