Aviation Week's 62nd Annual Laureate Awards Rules & Guidelines

  • With the exception of the Lifetime Achievement category, all Laureate awards will be based on accomplishments from October 1, 2017 - October 13, 2018.
  • Nominations for Laureate Awards may be submitted either directly from a company, from an involved individual, or from a third party. In each case, the nomination must be submitted online.
  • In the event that a third party nominates a company or individual, Aviation Week will contact the nominated company or individual and ask the nominee to review the nomination for accuracy and, if necessary, provide supporting documentation. If the company or individual fails to provide the required response by the specified date, the nomination will be excluded from competition.
  • Aviation Week editors retain the right to nominate candidates of their own choosing for any of the categories listed.
  • No company may be nominated for more than one Laureate Award on substantially the same basis. However, a company may submit up to three nominations in different categories.
  • Editors will discard entries for multiple awards that broadly replicate other entries.
  • Editors reserve the right to move an entry to a different category from the category entered if, in the opinion of the editors, the entry is better suited to that category.
  • All nominations must be received no later than Thursday, October 18, 2018. No extensions to this date will be granted, and incomplete entries will not be considered.
  • Each nomination must be accompanied by a summary, not to exceed 500 words, that explains the rationale behind the entry. We strongly encourage you to tailor each summary to the individual category for which you are nominating. All dollar amounts and financial statistics must be in US dollars. The nominating summary must be submitted electronically through the online nominating process.
  • Entries for the Philip J. Klass Lifetime Achievement Award should be accompanied by a high-resolution digital color photograph of the individual nominated. The file should be uploaded to the online submission form.
  • All nominations will be reviewed by Aviation Week Editorial members
  • Laureate winners will be selected and announced in the Fall of 2018
  • Grand Laureate winners will be announced at the Laureates Award Ceremony at the National Building Museum, Washington, DC on March 14, 2019.
  • Laureate winners will be selected by Aviation Week Editorial in the sub-categories of each Grand Laureate category. If there are no entries that meet the criteria set forth, there will be no winner selected in that particular sub-category.
  • Grand Laureate winners will be selected by Aviation Week Editorial from the pool of Laureate winners. A major category winner will be selected for Defense, Commercial, Space and Business Aviation.
  • Lifetime Achievement winners will also be selected by Aviation Week Editorial and pre-announced in the Fall of 2018.
  • The Aviation Week Heroism Award will be presented only in years when a winner meets the criteria set forth by Aviation Week.

General Guidelines

  • All nominees will be requested to provide the name of the person(s) who will be accepting the award if the nominee is chosen as the winner.
  • All nominations must go directly through Aviation Week Editorial. Nominations sent through Aviation Week Sales and Marketing or any other functional area other than Editorial will be automatically disqualified.
  • All information submitted through the online nominating process will be considered confidential and will only be used by Aviation Week and its editors for the purposes of selected finalists and winners for the 2019 Laureate Awards.
  • Any photos or images submitted may be used as part of a live presentation at the Laureate Awards Ceremony

Rights and Permissions

All winners will be posted on the Aviation Week website.