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2014 Honorees

Beau Duarte and Carl Johnson
Aeronautics and Propulsion Winners
Beau Duarte & Carl Johnson
Bradley Mottier
Business Aviation Laureate award Winner
Bradley Mottier, GE Aviation
Tommorow's Leader Award
Christopher James Shannon, Cadet First Class; Daniel John Eichner, Cadet Captain and Battalion Commander, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Regiment; Nicole Marie Garrett, Second Class Cadet; Christopher Kenneth Voss, Midshipman First Class
Jean-Pierre Devaux and Benoit Dussaugey
Jean-Pierre Devaux, Ministry of Defense & Benoit Dussaugey, Dassault Aviation
Aaron Noble and Jonathan Groten
2014 Heroism Award Winners
Aaron Noble, Air Forces & Jonathan Groten, RCAF
Laurent Beaudoin
2014 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner
Laurent Beaudoin, Bombardier
Harold Rosen
2014 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner
Harold Rosen
RTCA's Special Committee 213
Avionics and Systems Award Winner
RTCA's Special Committee 213: Trent Prange, Tim Etherington, Hal Moses, Patrick Krohn, Glenn Connor & Jennifer Wersen
Jean-Yves Le Gall
2014 Lifetime Achievement Award In Space Winner
Jean-Yves Le Gall
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